Breaking The Mold: Talking Regen Ag With Carolyn Wingate

Show Notes

Carolyn Wingate refers to herself as a corporate dropout, but did so to pursue starting her own business, Win Biologics. We really enjoyed our conversation and appreciate how she "breaks the mold" and chose to bring products to the market that she believes in bringing agronomic value to the customers she serves.

She is also a Regenerative Agriculture advocate and we go in depth on what that means to her, which gives us a much better understanding of the practice.

Some cool things to note:

Russel Hedrick, a North Carolina farmer broke the national corn yield @459.51 bu/acre. He uses some of Win Biologics products. Click Here for the article

Regen Ag Lab that Carolyn Mentions

Regen Ag Events that will be held this winter conference season. Carolyn will also be attending these

Agronomists Happy Hour

Two agronomists from North Dakota getting into conversations with others that work in agriculture, of course over a beer. Agronomy, Beer, Fun!

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