Diagnosing & Managing Unproductive Soils: Taking a Deep Dive on Salinity & Sodicity with Naeem Kalwar

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In this episode, Naeem Kalwar, an extension soil health specialist, discusses his background and work in soil science. He shares his journey from Pakistan to Canada and eventually joining NDSU. Naeem also provides insights into agriculture in Pakistan, including the different provinces and crops grown. The conversation highlights the importance of sampling depth in soil fertility and the impact of salinity on crop growth. Naeem emphasizes the need to focus on the top six inches of soil and shares his experiences in reducing salinity levels. The conversation explores the unique soil research project that has been ongoing since 2014, focusing on soil salinity and sodicity. The factors affecting soil salinity levels, such as weather patterns and tile drainage, are discussed. The distinction between soil salinity and sodicity is explained, along with the importance of sampling and testing for accurate analysis. Naeem also covers options for treating unproductive areas with high salinity and sodicity, as well as the different methods used in soil testing to identify these issues. This conversation explores the accuracy of lab tests and the different methods used for soil testing. It delves into the identification and effects of sodicity issues on soil and plants. The importance of accurate testing and the prevalence of soil issues across different counties are discussed. The impact of salinity and high exchangeable magnesium on soil structure is examined, along with the effectiveness of tiling as a solution. The conversation also covers the chemical remediation of soil issues and the planting of salt-tolerant grasses. The importance of deep soil sampling and collaboration among experts is emphasized.

If you made it this far and want to watch our conversation: find this conversation on youtube @ https://youtu.be/IRSoKIDUDfU

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