Digging Deep Into Biologicals With Bodie Kitchel

Show Notes

Happy hour this week was spent with Bodie Kitchel. Bodie is an outstanding agronomist that wears many hats, we dive deep into the world of biologicals and have a great discussion. Biologicals are often lumped into a category of products that get coined with the term "snake oil" but in fact many are just misunderstood. To be successful with biologicals, a lot of agronomy is involved to understand what, when, and where a particular product could provide value to a farmer. Bodie does a great job explaining this, you'll want to make sure to listen to this one all the way to the end because it only gets better as the discussion goes!

Some helpful links:



Bodie Kitchel on Twitter: @Bkitch1Bodie

Agronomy 365

Next Level Ag - the lab Bodie refers to that does the biological soil testing

Jason Schley - Owner of Next Level Ag

Josh Messer - Ag Intel Consulting: If you are in ND and want to learn more, look up Josh on Twitter and reach out!

Agronomists Happy Hour

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