Happy (Belated) New Year

Show Notes

In this episode, Kyle and Jason discuss their personal updates, including Kyle's new baby and Jason's son's engagement. They also talk about the winter weather and ice conditions, as well as the various winter meetings and workshops they attended. They highlight the NDSU Wild World of Weeds Workshop and the FarmQA meeting, discussing the key takeaways and features of each event. The conversation covers various topics related to agriculture, technology, and upcoming events. Kyle and Jason discuss the use of technology in agriculture and the benefits it brings to farmers.  The hosts also mention upcoming events and meetings they will be attending. They conclude the conversation by expressing their appreciation for the FarmQA tool and discussing homemade beer.

Agronomists Happy Hour

Two agronomists from North Dakota getting into conversations with others that work in agriculture, of course over a beer. Agronomy, Beer, Fun!

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