Looking Into the Crystal Ball for 2022: Crop Protection Supply

Show Notes

The crop protection season for 2021 is nearly wrapped up but we are already looking into 2022 and for good reason. You'll want to listen in as we discuss about our thoughts on what our predictions for 2022 are and how you could prepare. 

Remember that Farm QA is running their fall soil sample promo, if you are interested in giving them a try we suggest you get in touch with Ben Munson @ 320-266-8120 or ben.munson@farmqa.com. 

Beer this week came from Beaver Creek Brewing of Wibaux, MT and Dogfish Head brewing of Milton, DE. As always check out the last 10 minutes to get our take on them!

Agronomists Happy Hour

Two agronomists from North Dakota getting into conversations with others that work in agriculture, of course over a beer. Agronomy, Beer, Fun!

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