OMG on the OTT Ruling

Show Notes

This conversation discusses the recent Arizona federal court ruling that restricts the sale and use of over-the-top dicamba products in soybeans. Jason and Kyle recap the recent agronomy on ice event and the success of the event despite adverse weather conditions. They delve into the details of the ruling and its implications for the soybean market and weed control strategies. The increased cost of alternative herbicides is also discussed. The hosts emphasize the importance of pre-emergence burn down and explore alternative modes of action for weed control. They highlight the significance of crop rotation and cover crops in managing weed populations. The need for regulation and consequences for breaking rules is addressed, and the hosts express their concerns about the impact of the ruling on the industry. In this episode, Jason and Kyle discuss the regulation of Dicamba and the potential impact on agricultural practices. They mention the possibility of Dicamba being classified as a restricted use product and emphasize the importance of being good stewards of weed and pest control tools. 

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