Safety on The Farm: Interview with Angie Johnson

Show Notes

Angie Johnson, the Farm and Ranch Safety Coordinator for NDSU Extension, is our guest on this week’s happy hour. Angie discusses the importance of farm safety education and her role in promoting it. She shares her background and journey to her current position, as well as the focus groups she works with, including youth farm safety programs. Angie emphasizes the value of hands-on learning and practical skills, such as teaching kids how to use a tourniquet and proper hand signals. She also highlights the need for clear communication and the importance of prioritizing safety for kids on the farm. The conversation concludes with a discussion on farm safety statistics and incidences. The conversation with Angie Johnson covers various topics related to farm safety. The underreporting of agricultural injuries is highlighted as a challenge due to the lack of a federal reporting system for small farm operations. Tractor safety is identified as a major concern, with tractor-related injuries being the number one cause of injury based on trauma center data. The discussion also touches on the dangers of grain bins, the importance of aging on the farm programs, and the need for adult farm worker training. The episode concludes with information about sponsorship opportunities for the farm safety camp and the extension's social media presence.

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