The Holey Pokers

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  • Quality soil sampling is crucial for accurate results and meaningful maps.
  • Understanding soil taxonomy can provide valuable insights into soil characteristics and behavior.
  • The SoilWeb app is a useful tool for accessing soil data and information in the field.
  • Creating patches or badges for soil samplers can be a fun way to recognize achievements and build camaraderie.
  • Soil sampling vehicles often face challenges and misfortunes, but they are an integral part of the soil sampling process. Soil samplers face various mechanical issues and challenges during the sampling season.
  • Highlights of the soil sampling season include trips with colleagues, successful mapping, and the camaraderie among soil samplers.
  • Soil sampling can be physically demanding, leading to back and shoulder issues.
  • Explaining soil sampling to others can be challenging, but it is important to educate people about its significance in agriculture.
  • Beer plays a role in the soil sampling culture, but it is important to choose the right type of beer to avoid impairing work.
  • Cleaning and maintaining soil sampling equipment is essential for efficient sampling.
  • A soil samplers meetup could be a fun and educational event for farmers and others interested in soil sampling.
  • The experiences and challenges of soil sampling have the potential to make for an entertaining reality TV show. Soil sampling provides valuable data that is essential for making informed decisions in agriculture.
  • Craft breweries play an important role in local economies and should be supported.
  • The hosts express their passion and enjoyment for soil sampling and the conversations it sparks.
  • The hosts appreciate the support and engagement of their listeners and look forward to the new year.

Agronomists Happy Hour

Two agronomists from North Dakota getting into conversations with others that work in agriculture, of course over a beer. Agronomy, Beer, Fun!

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