Understanding The Past to Aide in the Future: Interview With Rob Proulx

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In this episode, the hosts introduce Rob Proulx,  Agriculture Technology System Specialist at NDSU. They discuss the importance of spray conditions and the concept of Delta T. Rob shares his analysis of spray conditions in North Dakota over a three-year period, highlighting the impact of wind and Delta T on pesticide efficacy. The conversation also touches on the potential for integrating Delta T information into spray records and the challenges of data analysis in agronomy. Finally, Rob explains the different aspects of his role as an Agriculture Technology System Specialist and his focus on precision agriculture and sprayer systems.  He also explores the role of a precision agronomist and the importance of bringing together different disciplines in precision agriculture. The conversation delves into the value of collaboration between extension programs and private businesses, as well as the exciting potential of spot sprayers and the intersection of agronomics and operations. The episode concludes with a discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence in agriculture and how to connect with Rob Proulx. Find Robs video on Delta-T and socials here: https://linktr.ee/robproulx

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