You Think You Farm Hills? Agronomy In The Palouse

Show Notes

This weeks happy hour takes us west over the Rockies and into southeastern Washington to visit with Cat Salois and Sam Kimmell. Cat is the Director of Research and Sam is an Agronomists Account Manager both working for the McGregor Company in SE WA. The area Cat and Sam call home is the Palouse region of the Pacific Northwest and is arguably the most productive wheat region in the entire country. Working with farms that have fields with 500 feet of elevation change and extreme slopes is an everyday thing for these two.  Tune in for a great episode as Cat and Sam share about agriculture in the Palouse region. Did we mention they like the right kind of beer? 

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Agronomists Happy Hour

Two agronomists from North Dakota getting into conversations with others that work in agriculture, of course over a beer. Agronomy, Beer, Fun!

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